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A premier producer of non-diverted hair and colour products
that are available only through the finest professional salons.


Naturally inspired, aloe vera based, organically infused hair care.


Made with Squid Ink and other natural ingredients, Jellua has the highest
concentration of amino acids to help repair and replenish hair proteins that
have been damaged or lost due to chemical treatments and heat styling.

Jellua Squid Ink Active Shampoo
Jellua Squid Ink Repair Treatment Cream



The number one of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide!

Age Smart Line:
Firm to smooth away the signs of skin aging. 
Control aging triggers before they start.

Ultracalming Line:
Treat the multiple triggers behind inflammation
for lasting relief from sensitivity flare-ups.

Medibac Clearing Line:
Clearer skin starts now!
Bring the contributing factors of acne under control.

Clear Start Line:
Just for teens and young adults!
Get clean, take on issues, and protect your best skin now.

Daylight Defense SPF Line:
From sun up to sun down, these lightweight,
non-greasy formulas have your skin covered.

Powerbright Lightning Line:
Brighter skin without compromise.
Get uneven skin tone under control.